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Upon completion of this Module, learners will:


  • Understand the role of Internal/External Resources in an innovation process


  • Be able to develop a resource plan for an innovation initiative.


  • Understand the basic themes and processes involved in managing internal and external resources for an innovation initiative.


  • Know the best strategies for managing internal and external resources.


  • Please refer to this for foundational information about management of internal/external resources and IP.



Case Study: Premier Foods and Alexir Packaging partnership

A unique partnership to develop new innovative products


pasta case



At its annual Excellence Awards ceremony, Premier Foods awarded Alexir Partnership their Supplier Innovation of the Year honors. Out of approximately 3,000 suppliers eligible for the award, only three companies received honors and Alexir Partnership was cited as “highly commended.”


Productive packaging partnership


Tom Sene, the sales director for the Alexir Partnership, noted that the packaging company was honored because of its innovative products as well as its effectiveness in bringing teams together to get solid results. “It demonstrates how the four arms of the business work together to genuinely add value and sell a unique service. The packaging firm has been working with the teams at Premier Foods for five years. Since they first partnered, the company has developed a number of new creative formats.”


A Premier Foods representative reported that the Alexir Partnership consistently delivered satisfying, appealing work on time, frequently against tight deadlines, thanks to their broad range of service offerings.


The two companies have received awards for their collaborative Product and packaging development efforts before. In Sept. 2012, the British Print Industry gave an Excellence in Innovation Award to them for a container that combines the ability to be packed speedily on production lines with ability to hold boiling water while also having a stand-out appearance on the shelf.