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Paying Attention to Details: It’s All in the Details


Gilman Louie, a partner at Alsop Louie Partners, discusses decision making, which details matter when starting and growing a business, and venture capital conventional wisdom.

How to Cut Costs–Strategically


Cesare Mainardi, managing director of Booz & Company, details how executives should cut costs–but often don’t.

The Importance of Urgency


An interview with John Kotter, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School. Without a true sense of urgency, any change effort is doomed. Watch John Kotter discuss the need for urgency.





Focus on Relationships is Costing companies.


The past 10 years has been called the “relationship decade.” In industry after industry, the focus has shifted from selling products to meeting clients’ needs, and away from transactional sales to ongoing relationships. It’s hard to argue that everyone’s not better off as a result; not just customers.